“You Don’t Stop Having Fun Because You Get Old, You Get Old Because You Stop Having Fun.”

Daniel Alexander Jones

My experience with University during the last 3 years has been one of fun and amusing chaos. I’ve learned a lot during my time here and it’s been a great journey exploring what it is that I desire to pursue during my life.

My style can be summarised as “Cartoon-like”, I’ve always loved cartoons (including anime) growing up and, as a result, I enjoy making illustrations that focuses on a cartoon like style, rather than photo realism.

I specialise in character designs, I just love the process of making unique characters based on texts or based on certain genres. I create my works using digital processes (i.e Photoshop, Clip Studio, etc.) because I enjoy the flexibility of programs, allowing me to transform sketches, morph proportions, layering and blending.

My favourite accomplishments so far has been creating characters based on literary genres in one of my modules during this year. Creating a character each week of the module has been valuable in gaining experience and, more importantly, feedback, so I know where I can improve on future designs.