“For me, a very complex world has to be simplified. Has to be stripped down. And design, for me, was a way out of confusion. Because great design simplifies a very complicated world”

– Platon

Graphic Design has allowed me to reach into the creative inside and express not only myself but also my lifestyle through my work. During my time at university I have been able to find a style that suits my methods in my professional practice. I enjoy working on projects such as branding, print making and logo design.

Minimalism and graphic design are an integral part of my life which lends itself to the style I have begun to adapt to. Using this mix of minimalism and vector illustration I have been able to design for myself in the form of Logo Challenges and Star Wars prints. Furthermore, during my time at university, I have been able to get involved with leadership roles for the design show and UCAS events. This is an experience I wanted to take up since starting university and believe I have fulfilled a goal in that respect.

Being able to live in a world where I can explore multiple aspects of design is important to me. I believe experience is a key part of being a designer and how it can influence how you see the world and how that is reflected in the work I create.