“I am still learning”

– Michelangelo –

Maarja Konrad

Studying Creative Digital Media together with Film Production has given me a variety of skills in the media industry. I have been able to work on film pre-and post-productions, which includes script writing, storyboarding, scheduling and working with the cameras, lights and sound. I have also been able to improve my skills in editing and using editing software. Being a team player is one of the key parts of working in the media industry and working on all of these projects has helped me to become more confident and patient working within a big group of people.

I am happy to have chosen this course as it has helped me discover what I really enjoy doing and what not so much. Throughout my three years at the University I have developed a strong passion towards photography and experimenting with a camera. I would like to develop my storytelling skills through experimenting and practising more with different cameras, both in photography and film. I’m looking forward to seeing where I will end up after finishing my studies at the University, I hope I get to continue to develop my skills in photography and film even further