Saoirse Butler

"One of the defining principals that represent both me and my work is an obligation to open up a dialogue between the ideas of what it is to be a woman in the 20th century, conflicting with women through history."

The main aim of Saoirses work is to combine historical references to the idea of women’s work, through fabric and textile techniques harmoniously with the story of women through history, with the intention of creating meaning and context.
Saoirses work is in the style of traditional trade union banners, but most importantly the process in which she works is the tribute to women whose work was not considered to be art. With her range of techniques and skills influencing all aspects of design, as a result this allows her to create work that is both unique and diverse, acting as a combination of honour and acknowledgment to the stories and tales of women who changed history and a protest to the sexual abuse scandals through the 20th century in Hollywood, to celebrate the hundredth year anniversary for women’s right to vote. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, to unite the girls of today to tell our story, and reinforce the relationships between women.