Sam Walker

"Inspiration will come, but it has to find you working"
- Pablo Picasso

I am a Designer, Motionographer and Visual Artist with a keen eye for detail and a passion for pushing my limits and expanding my creative horizons. As a perfectionist, I constantly strive to combine expertise from a multi-disciplinary skillset to develop imaginative and professional work that sets me apart, aiming to exceed expectations within the constraints of the deadline.
In addition to work created whilst at University, a lifelong curiosity for working and experimenting with traditional and digital media has led me to develop advanced knowledge and experience with both 2D and 3D applications. I am continually expanding on these skills to supplement my broad range of creative personal interests, ranging from graphic and web-design to photorealistic rendering and animation.
I will continue to explore and apply my interests, grow, and refine my abilities following University, and I am excited to see where the future will take me.