Lucy Owen

"I have a strong passion for various mediums and styles, exploring illustration as a whole."

I create illustrations with an open mind and allow the brief or theme to guide me into which medium and style I use to form an outcome. I feel that by having such broad skills, this allows me to work in various sectors in illustration and be open to experimentation rather than a style. I explore watercolor, printmaking and sketching as a rule and work from photos, imagination and observation.
If I were to pick a style I would be split. I love to create realistic images based on people and animals as I find that they are personal and unique to the individual and their associates as well as a device to capture an individual’s character.
I also enjoy creating surreal characters from my mind as they are unique and give an insight to the mind, with this I explore colour and composition and a silent narrative as I often loosely interact my characters subconsciously.