Kirby Jennings

"We aren’t here for forever so let’s spend it doing what we love."

If I was asked to choose one word to describe myself it would be ‘spontaneous. ‘Whether describing my personality or my illustrative process, spontaneity encapsulates my energetic, bold approach. I believe being engrossed in the world around us is at the forefront of creative inspiration and for me personally, is where I am most happy. Working from observation with a quick and expressive line is how I begin my work, I then work on these sketches to develop final illustrations. Starting this way allows me to play with the images freely and explore the subject entirely without being restrained by guidelines or preconceived ideas. Throughout my studies I have developed my skills in reportage and narrative and hope, as I continue into my career in the industry I can use these to communicate the beautiful world we live in and remind people we aren’t here for forever.