Darrin Tucker

"Don’t be afraid to do a design always do it and look at it at another point. Never be afraid of what people think."

During my time here at the university I have been able to improve my knowledge and skills on Photoshop and illustrator, I have also learned how to use a new programme which was InDesign. Which allows me to have a knowledge and understanding on the three main adobe programmes. To be able to learn and improve on these skills we had a variety of briefs that were all enjoyable but challenging at the same time. My favourite project was the ones we did for the modules Live briefs and Industry collaboration as these allowed me to get an understanding on what it is like to work for a client and meet the deadlines that they wanted and also how they can change their mind on the spot. Overall it has been a fun and enjoyable time and I am pleased that I managed to improve my knowledge on the programs that are most used.