Milly Deakin

"True design is leaving the world a little bit more beautiful than the way you found it."
- Anonymous

When I was little, my family described me as “away with the fairies” and always trying to make things look prettier and brighter, and now all these years later not a lot has changed!
Studying Graphic Design has allowed me to explore many styles of design and production, but for me my heart lies in the Advertising and Branding industry. I’ve always loved the idea of putting my little twist on something that could be distributed and used by people.
I am truly grateful for the experience that University has given me, by allowing me to work with clients, my tutors and peers. I don’t know how I would have gotten where I am without them. I am sad my 3 years in Worcester is over, but I know I’m moving on to bigger and better things and I am going to have a bright future because of it.