Jade Moore

"I love creating illustrations that bring a story world and it’s characters to life."

I am a writer and illustrator with a love of adult fiction and narrative illustration. I enjoy illustrating for novels, comics and graphic novels, working with printmaking, pen and ink and mixed-media techniques. As an illustrator my work is multi-faceted, and I enjoy adapting and exploring a range of different media and techniques, striving to further my existing skills and find new ways of working. My aim is to work as a freelance illustrator and to one day write and illustrate my own novels.
I find inspiration from interesting characters, and often strange and dark stories, and find great satisfaction in communicate a story as effectively in visual form as I can through writing. Horror and dystopian fiction including Orwell’s 1984 and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, as well as stories illustrated by Pam Smy and Jon McNaught have inspired me to combine my love of illustration and fiction writing.