Gareth Hunter

"We think in generalities, but we live in detail."
- Alfred Whitehead

I am a layout artist who specialises at working within sketchbooks, using a multi-disciplined approach. My conscientious consideration to design work involves meticulously combining imagery from my sketchbooks onto digital platforms within Adobe Creative Suite.
My curiosity for design has led to me creating a strong visual library covering both still and moving imagery. This enables me to create open-minded yet logically proven design concepts. New ideas are often formed from existing concepts, enabling me to identify a critically steady progression from research to production.
My artwork has been displayed within a solo exhibition at a Worcestershire library; this exhibition ran for one month. My FdA is in Contemporary Art Practice hosted by Staffordshire University. Group exhibitions have given me the confidence to display my work correctly and effectively.
My objective is to work within a graphic design company.