Colbert Gerald

"With a Video you can never forget. Creativity is forever captured in the moment. Timeless."

Confident, Complex and Creative to the core. My passion for the digital media arts stems across all mediums particularly in Photography, Videography or Graphic design. Growing up, I remember my love of art and videos games keeping me well entertained throughout my childhood. My first digital camera I ever used had a broken screen and like a blind man memorizing his way through the dark, I learned to work through the obstacles in my way. University has been a dynamic experience, filled with many setbacks. Regardless, I continue to persevere and strive towards my goal because I know my resolve is strong. Injecting elements of my personality within many aspects of my work. Through a combination of lectures and countless hours on YouTube, I have been able to expand my knowledge and explore new ideas within my craft. Harnessing the skills to help leave my creative mark on the world.